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день этикета
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гостиница HELIOS 3* first Местонахождение: С видом на воду/пляж Адрес: UL.KRASZEWSKIEGO 1/3, 87-100 TORUN, POLAND, Телефон: 48-56-6196550/560, Факс: 48-56-6196254 Количество комнат: 103 Скидки детям: с 3 по 12 лет. Баров: 1 Банкетных залов: 2 Обслуживание: c 630 до 2130 Описание: Расположение WATERFRONT/BEACH 200 km to the nearest airport: WAW 3 km to the nearest station: TORUN 3 km to the nearest fair site: BYDGOSZOZ Дополнительная информация LOCATION Located near the river bank which leads to the picturesque old town. The railway station is just 1km away. ROOMS Rooms are relatively simple in design and in fair condition. The bright decorations contrast strongly against the white walls / net curtain and yet all rooms are comfortable and functional. RESTAURANT Serves traditional Polish and international cuisine. EXTERIOR This is a rather unattractive 6 storey white and grey office block style structure which is longer rather than particularly high. LOBBY This medium sizeed lobby is a somewhat featureless and yet adequate entrance. GENERAL One of the better hotels in Torun. Nicolas Copernicus` birthplace, the most famous Polish astronomer, is nearby. An ideal base to explore the city. (03/01 BL) Заметки CHILD REDUCTION WITH EXISTING BED ONLY.

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