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гостиница GIBERTI 4* superior first Местонахождение: Центр города Адрес: VIA GIBERTI 7, 37122 VERONA, ITALY, Телефон: 39-045-8006900, Факс: 39-045-8001955 Количество комнат: 144 Скидки детям: с 2 по 12 лет. Банкетных залов: 1 Описание: Расположение CITY CENTRE 15 km to the nearest airport: VRN 1 km to the nearest fair site: ENTE AUTONOMO FIERE Дополнительная информация LOCATION Centrally located, a two minute walk from the main railway station which serves the town and roughly a 10 minute walk from the arena to which there is also regular public transport. . ROOMS Rooms are spacious and modern, equipped to high standard of quality, typical of Montresor family run chain. Bathrooms are in good conditions. RESTAURANT Not available. EXTERIOR A modern glass structure dating back to the late 1980`s. LOBBY The lobby has a Polished marble floor, pink walls and decorated in a very modern style with circular round white marble tables and dark couches and large white columns. GENERAL Pleasant Hotel in very central location. please note Hotel offer free of charge shuttle bus during all Opera nights. The hotel also contains a garage of 2 floors underneath for which a supplement of 5 EUR is required from 1st January 2004. ( MZ, may 2003) Заметки CANCELLATION DEADLINE 2 DAYS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL. CANCELLATION DEADLINE 2 DAYS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL. CANCELLATION DEADLINE 2 DAYS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL. CANCELLATION DEADLINE 2 DAYS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL. CANCELLATION DEADLINE 2 DAYS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL. События 10.09.2004 - 16.09.2004: Gold Fair 15.09.2004 - 20.09.2004: Furniture Fair 26.09.2004 - 02.10.2004: Cyclist Mondial Competition 06.10.2004 - 10.10.2004: Marmomacc - Machinery Fair 03.11.2004 - 07.11.2004: Horse Fair 15.01.2005 - 22.01.2005: Gold Fair 05.02.2005 - 13.02.2005: Luxury Yachts 05.02.2005 - 13.02.2005: Nautic Show 17.02.2005 - 20.02.2005: Carpentry 16.03.2005 - 19.03.

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